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Andrew Charlton


Andrew Charlton

We are a small company in Perth and we got

Andrew Carlton to record a company narration for us. We contacted him through his personal website, and it was such an easy process! We received a response right away and started communicating back and forth, it was like he was right down the hall.


So not long after, we started working on the project, discussed the flow of the script, inserted comments on how we wanted it and the kind of music we would like in the background. Andrew also gave his suggestions. He was so easy to work with. With his status, he was such a patient man! And that is a very important quality for an artist to have, it is like one of his secret weapons. There were times when our opinions clashed and we had a lot of changes and revisions we would like to make regarding the script and the narration, and he was just so approachable and welcomed all our suggestions. And if he had a better way to do it, he would just politely present his own thoughts and give us a sample. We were impressed with how he worked on the project, concentrating on the task and keeping us updated with the progress. He maintained constant communication and referred to us whenever there is a revision or change to make. He was so meticulous, it was like he would leave no stone unturned in making better choices and improving his execution of the script. As a professional, he definitely understood what we were trying to achieve and led the way. He was as enthusiastic all throughout the process as he was the first time and surely, the recording turned out a success. It came out excellent and I’m amazed at how the man brought our script to life. He has this great voice, modulated, warm and very engaging.  His voice has this certain quality that keeps everyone glued to him while he speaks. Right then and there, we knew that we made the best choice by getting Andrew.

Currently, we are working on improving our services and automate processes, if possible.  We are looking to tons of project that will require a voiceover artist and we are looking into contacting Andrew again in the near future. He definitely exceeded our expectation and we had a great experience working with him.